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Blue Mountains
Blue Mountains

Nutrition & Health

Tired of dieting, overeating, and obsessing about food? 

I have a special interest in healthy living and nutrition and understanding the interactions between mind and body. Our choices and decisions about what and how we eat directly impacts how we think, act, and feel. I support my clients in making their health a priority and can offer realistic ways to incorporate healthy foods and exercise into their routine, without giving up what they love. I've helped people cope with issues of body image and distorted relationships with food. I work closely with a nutritionist to help create an individualized plan tailored to each client's specific needs, including a 3-day comprehensive diet analysis upon request.

Eating well and maintaining a healthy, active lifestyle will give you more energy, help combat symptoms of stress, anxiety and depression, and have you feeling better both mentally and physically. 

Individual and group counseling can help get you back on track and give you the support that you need.